About Us

Our Business

We strongly believe that the share price of a company is not only dependent on its financial performance but also on the openness of the company and timely dissemination of information about its activities. Share price movements due to market speculation and negative moment in share prices can be avoided by sharing the complete information on a real-time basis so that investors are not misguided with false rumors in the market. These efforts of the company would lead to fewer apprehensions in the minds of the investors about the company and would result in positive investor opinion and better share value. UR Associates strives to ensure all these aspects are taken care of.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of industry professionals with strong experience in financial markets. Our company name “UR Associates”is a true reflection of what we are and what we intend to be. We are business partners to our clients and we work alongside them to assist them in their business needs, add value to their business and increase their visibility among the investor community. We are young passionate entrepreneurs willing to travel the extra mile to add value to our clients in what ever way possible. We have strong relationships with key players in the capital markets which will be a proven advantage for our clients.