Management Advisory


Corporate communications and Investor Relations:

An effective corporate communication and Investor Relations strategy is an important tool in the marketing arsenal of every company, big or small. Enhancing the investor relations of our clients is the primary motto of our corporate communications services. Each company will have different set of investors who will be interested in that particular company. For example, a value fund might not be interested in an emerging technology company or a growth fund might not be interested in an established FMCG company that has high dividend yield but less growth. Targeting the right set of investors along with the existing investors will be one of the focus.

Also there are many fledgling companies that have a strong business model with strong management and are the companies to look forward in the future. For these types of companies, the investors should rely upon the business model, management expertise and management execution capabilities and not on the current earnings on the company. We will strive to communicate the company’s core competencies and its growth prospects to the investors and just not their financial performance.

Our corporate communication and IR services include: 

Value Creation:

Our value creation services are aimed at providing information to our clients that will help them in their strategic planning & implementation to create a unique value proposition for their business. In this competitive world, a company’s performance is not only affected by its own actions but also depends on the activities of its peers and policy initiatives of the governments. We provide a regular update to our clients about the new initiatives undertaken by its peers and also the possible government decisions that will have a direct/indirect bearing on its clients. We also believe that to understand one’s competitive positioning one has to compare one’s performance, core competencies, business drivers etc. with respect to its peers. We assist our clients by benchmarking them with respect to its peers, so as to analyse its strengths and weaknesses.

Value added services include:

Strategic Advisory:

The share price of a company is the reflection of the company’s value in the market. We use our expertise and resources for comprehensive crisis management which includes recommendations on reducing risk, a quick assessment of the situation at hand and a sound action plan.

Our analytical approach would provide strategic insights and guidance, tailored specific to your needs and issues. This would involve a detailed SWOT analysis, an understanding of the client’s industry and an overview of changes in perception.

          Strategic advisory services include:

Fund Raising Activities:

We work as an Associate through the entire process of fund raising right from building the idea to reaching out to Investors and till closing the deal.

For unlisted companies in early stage, growth stage or planning to launch an IPO, we work through the entire cycle of fund raising: build the idea, present it to the Investors & successful closure of the deal.

In the pre-IPO stage, we build the investment story of the company and communicate it to the prospective investors, media and sell-side analysts which would help build interest in the company and make the IPO process a much smoother ride for our clients.

Fund raising services include: