UR Associates is a niche management advisory and an independent research firm. Our management advisory services for the corporate sector are aimed towards enhancing the investor relations of our clients and assist in capital raising. We associate with our clients through an innovative service model in their journey to success. Our objective is to work with our clients not as a third party service provider but as an integral part of their organization to steer their organizational growth by enhancing its relations with stakeholders, investors and business professionals. We drive the premium positioning of our clients by broadening its investor base, enhancing research coverage, brand building and managing company events. Our research activities include industry research of niche sectors and companies.

Management Advisory

Mamgement Advisory

Our business engagement with our client organization aims at alignment of business goals and objectives to create a sustainable competitive advantage and business value for our …read more

Independent Research

 Independent Research

Our independent research activities are targeted towards niche sectors and companies that do not have quality research coverage. We leverage our in depth research expertise to …read more

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