Management Advisory:

Our business engagement with our client organization aims at alignment of business goals and objectives to create a sustainable competitive advantage and business value for our clients. Our services include:

  • Corporate Communications & Investor relations
  • Fund raising activities
  • Value Creation
  • Strategic Advisory Services

We drive the desired market positioning of our clients by broadening its investor base, enhancing research coverage, brand building and managing company events. We believe in strategic business planning & implementation to create a unique value proposition for our clients. We emphasize on proactive communication to the investors, so as to drive an opinion in the investor community and make them understand the rational behind our client actions and enhance their belief and trust on our client companies. We believe these efforts would result in a longer term association between our clients and its investors.

We utilize our expertise towards successful fund raising for our client companies. For unlisted companies in early stage, growth stage or planning to launch an IPO, we work through the entire cycle of fund raising: build the idea, present it to the Investors & successful closure of the deal.